Toothsome Chocolate Factories in California.

Perfect guide for our chocolate lovers out there..


Established in 1921, the See’s Chocolates is a candy shop where you can make your customized box of mixed chocolates and candies. Fresh and finest ingredients with no preservatives to make each recipe. It is known as one of America’s most delicious chocolate, featuring boxed chocolates, lollipops, nuts and chews, and sugar-free candy. The company is also famous for its friendly customer service.


Established more than 165 years ago in America, the 1852 based chocolate factory is famous for its fresh hot fudge. The founder of the chocolate company came h to America from Italy with a dream of selling sweets and chocolates abroad. The company started operating in Ghirardelli square and welcomed the ships passing by. The shop still has the sign it had back then to receive the ships passing by the Golden State. The company uses fine quality cocoa beans and has all chocolate-making steps under control, unlike other chocolate manufacturers. So if you’re looking for fresh hot fudge or delicious chocolates, then this is the right place for you.


Located at The Mission distinct of San Francisco, the Dandelion chocolate established in 2008 is known for being a bean-to-bar chocolate factory. It is the most favourite place for chocolate lovers. The shop was started by a chocolate lover itself who tried growing cocoa beans at home and experimented by making different varieties of chocolates. Since 2010, the chocolate business began to expand and now the company roast, crack, sort, conch, grind and temper small bean batches. The process is then followed by moulding and packaging each bar with hand. The small set is the reason why each chocolate is distinctive and unique enough for chocolate lovers to fall in love with this place.



Chocolate Covered was established in 1994, selling more than 5000 unique and divergent cyanotype decorated tins and 1000 different types of chocolate bars. The company takes custom orders and is evolving with its innovation since last 20 years.




The chocolates made in this newly opened shop are established from heirloom cacao that is grown in Ecuador, known as “Nacional”. The oldest trees of cacao date back to 5300 years. 

However, Kokak chocolates is an Asian inspired handcrafted chocolate shop located in San Francisco Castro. The store is popular for outdoor dining, in-store shopping and local delivery. The pure ingredients of cacao make this chocolate unique.

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