The city of California has, unsurprisingly, many interesting facts given its rich history and unconventional spirit. It’s no wonder that the golden city, with its beautiful valleys, mountains, and beaches, has inspired all forms of art, including movies, shows, songs, and much more. The city that so many people adore has many intriguing facts, which you probably don’t know, but that’s fine! It’s going to change because the following are some things you should know before you decide to visit (or just because):

San Francisco’s Cable Car System:

One very unique thing about this city is that its cable car system is the last manually operated one in the world. Getting to ride one of these is a top priority for tourists; if you ever happen to go there, it won’t hurt to ride one (if the wait isn’t long!).

Birthplace of the Internet:

Wait for it. Yes, you read that right, California is the city where the internet was born. It so happened that the first ARPANET message from a UCLA site was sent here; it said ‘Lo.’ It was supposed to be ‘Login,’ but the system crashed before that, whoops.

The Mystery of the Windows XP Wallpaper:

Remembering using Windows XP and seeing the famous desktop wallpaper of rolling lush green grass and bright blue sky with beautiful clouds? Yes that, did you know that its an actual place? It’s a photo of Napa Valley in California, and it’s also unedited (!!).

The General Sherman Tree:

Have you ever wondered where the world’s largest tree is? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore because it is situated in California’s Sequoia National Parkland, and it’s called the ‘General Sherman Tree.’ It stands at 275 feet tall with a base diameter of 36 feet; it’s surely a large tree.

Obsession with Avocados:

Californians love avocados, from avocado toast to smoothies; if something has avocado in it, they love it. Precisely the reason why it was named the official state fruit. The interesting thing is that San Diego County’s Fallbrook hosts an avocado festival every year. It is known as the “Avocado Capital of the World” because, duh.

Written by Riley Kaplan

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