Ideal businesses to start in California.

The state of California provides numerous business opportunities and is as bright as its climate. Be it a small business or big corporations; each business thrives with the set of right strategies and employees.

We have analyzed more than 100 industries for individual businesses that perform well in California. We have also calculated the payroll, revenue and workforce growth which indicates that these businesses are safe to start.

Below is our list which contains the best businesses one can start in California.

 Gas stations

The usage of cars has increased miraculously over time, and the state of California has the car culture deeply rooted in it. The city has around 8000 gas stations, and the revenue has also increased by 25% since 2012. Profit margins might be low due to high competition within the industry. According to California Energy Emission, the state is promoting alternative fuel machines, but still, 96% of the transportation depends on the petrol-based fuels. The industry is highly regulated with its taxes and fees but has the resources for operators provided by the state. The best areas for high sales in this industry include San Diego, Riverside Counties, and Orange.


Electronic shopping or e-commerce has increased throughout the globe and is the new trendy industry. The companies sell merchandise by using only online catalogues or print, which reduces its cost. The industry is also known for being faster and easier to operate, which provides a high revenue. Currently, California has 5000 e-commerce companies whose income has increased from $52.66 billion since 2012. The San Fracisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley are the hub for this industry.

 Supplementary educational businesses

California has a high demand for supplementary Educational on weekends, after school or during breaks, and the categories include athletics, fine arts, languages, tutoring and dance classes which are usually privately owned. The revenue of more than 6,150 supplementary education business has increased and crossed over $3 billion. The tutoring schools are widespread, especially for preparing children for SATs and ACTs, and the industry thrived more with the No Child Left Behind Act. In California, several supplementary education businesses headquarters exist. 

Wholesale electronic trade

This business includes buying and selling vast quantities of goods to reseller companies. The agents in this industry are responsible for transactions mostly than handling goods. The automotive companies also lie in this industry. Research suggests that there are more than 4,800 wholesale electronic market companies which make more significant than $80.5 billion revenue. This industry is crucial in today’s era, which makes it reach the list of the best business in California. 

 Shoe stores

The leading global shoe brands such as Vans, Toms, and DC Shoes are California based, and the city is known to have the most significant interest in shoes. The type of shoe business that this city offers include retailers selling boots, sandals, pumps, sneakers and several other kinds of footwear. The city has over 3000 shoe stores making revenue of more than $3.7 billion.

Written by Riley Kaplan

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