Fun things to do in California for free

There is no doubt, California can be a pretty expensive place to stay or visit. If you’ve already been there, you must be familiar with how expensive it can be to experience the lifestyle of California. It is true that a ton of activities can ask for a lot of cash. However, California is a state suitable for all and not just those without a budget. Hence, here you can easily find fun activities to do on a limit or entirely free. Moreover, we all know hoe California is full of land and outdoor activities. Well, these outdoor activities are all free and open to everyone.

Here are some fun and exciting activities you can do staying in your budget while having the most fantastic time in the State:

  1. A long drive around the Pacific Coastal Highway:

The PCH has to be on everyone’s list when visiting California. It is one of the places that make this Golden State even more breathtaking and beautiful. Driving across the Pacific Coastal highway is free, and you get to explore mesmerizing beaches and views without spending a single cent. So, get in the car with your significant other and go on a romantic drive.

  1. Go Hiking in LA’s Griffith Park:

Who doesn’t want to see the magical city of Los Angeles from high above the hill? Griffith Park is where you can go hiking and look for many viewpoints, including the ever so famous Hollywood sign. Moreover, Griffith park is the perfect place to stargaze, just grab some blankets, lie down and enjoy the peaceful time.

  1. Tour of the fortune cookie factory:

Visiting a fortune cookie factory is a dream come true for kids as well as adults. If you’re in San Francisco, then you have the perfect opportunity to live that dream. Visit the California’s Fortune Cookie Factory hidden in the Chinatown alleyway and experience the site of bakers working their magic on crafting these deliciously fragmented cookies. Furthermore, the best part is you get to try a sample right out of the oven.

  1. Take a walking tour in San Francisco:

San Francisco is one of the most popular city’s in the USA, and there are a ton of reasons why it is everyone’s favourite city. This city has so much to offer from the famous golden gate bridge and historical sites to walking tours for nature lovers and wanderers, that too absolutely free. You can go on a city walk with the San Francisco city guides and discover the hidden treasures and beauties of the city. Moreover, you might even find some secrets of the town as the guides are not just knowledgeable, but they are equally fun and entertaining.

  1. Visit the craft beer breweries:

Learning about craft beer is fun for some and a passion for others. You can find plenty of breweries in California; however, Sierra Nevada has the finest brewery, crafting beer to perfection. They give free Brewhouse tour helping people understand the art of crafting the ideal beer while having some enjoyable time at this aromatic brewery. And, of course, you get to try samples of their finely crafted beer at the end of the tour.

Written by Riley Kaplan

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