Extra Ordinary Eateries in California for Food Lovers.

The list will surely make you drool.

California is well-known for its beautiful beaches and scenic views, but the magic doesn’t end here as this city has delicious and appealing food too.

The food chains in California are popular all around the world and a variety of Californian restaurants have made it to Yelp Top 100 Places to Eat. We have gathered our personal favorite eateries from California in this list, and we know that these will make you drool for sure.

Pink’s hot dogs

Each dog named after infamous celebrities, this place is redefining the definition of boring hot dogs. You can find a variety of toppings for your dog from sour cream to nacho cheese to bacon.

California Donuts

This shop best describes the love of Californians for toppings. California donuts have a variety of toppings from sprinkles to maple bacon doughnuts to candy topped doughnuts. Don’t forget to try the fully completed doughnut for a thrilling topping experience.


Eggslut is known for serving the enormous amount of egg yolk with food which makes us drool over every dish it serves. This place is the best for people who genuinely understand the importance of egg yolk. The Bacon, Egg and Cheese are the most popular of Eggslut’s dishes.

Harajuku Crêpe

This organic Japanese crepe place that lets the customer customize their crepe, with options for add-ins that include mochi to icecream. Harajuku is the spot where you can show your real flavour creativity by creating fantastic crepes.

El Zarape

The seafood burrito is a unique combination to try in San Diego. The taste and filling are even better and flavorful, unlike the typical fish tacos.

Craftsman and Wolves

This place serves some pretty unique combination of muffin and egg. Just cut the muffin into half and enjoy the oozing egg yolk surprise.


We never imagined a combination of sushi and burrito. However, California, the land of burritos has proven that anything is possible by giving us the most delicious Sushirrito.

Sunny Blue

The place is famous for serving rice balls and specialized in onigiri (Japanese on musubi). The most popular rice ball is miso beef; however, other balls are equally delicious.

Class 302

The dream of all boba addicts has come true with the self serve boba. The drinker can customize their drink according to their own, without any judgement which makes us love this place. However, don’t forget to look at the self-serve boba’s do’s and don’ts for the best experience.

Phil’s BBQ

Appearing as the Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in 2016, Phil’s is known for serving the most delicious BBQ in the entire United States.

So who said you need to visit Texas, when you can get the best bbq experience at Phil’s BBQ California.

Written by Riley Kaplan

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