2-year-old organ donor to be honored in Rose Bowl Parade

In 2019 Leia Parker died in a swimming accident.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: For a Rancho Bernardo 2-year-old whose life was cut short, the Rose Bowl Parade will feature a special honor.

In 2019 Leia Parker died in a swimming accident. Following the disastrous incident, her parents decided to donate her organs through the organization Lifesharing. Leia helped to save the lives of three people, donating her heart, liver, and kidneys. And also her corneas gave sight to two women through the donation.

Rose Bowl Parade, Leia, and 20 other organ donors will be honored for their help saving lives in a floral parade sculpture that is sponsored by Lifesharing. The parade will not be held live this year but it will be broadcast with special segments.

Robert Miller, president of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association said, “I think it was brilliant of Donate Life to do this, this year. To not stop the tradition, to not stop the message. Just because we have a pandemic, does not mean people do not need organs.”

Her daughter was a fearless rebel — much like the “Star Wars” princess she was named after said Leia’s mother to ABC 10News in November.

Tihani Parker said, “Princess Leia was my favorite Star Wars character, and she was one of my bigger role models. So I wanted my daughter to have a name that represented all those things that meant a lot to me.”

Parker said she is truly proud of her daughter and of the impact she has had on others.

Parker says, “As a grieving parent, you just want to find meaning, and I believe everything happens for a reason. I am extremely proud that my daughter has changed the lives of five people, and she has given a second chance and new hope to others.”

On New Year’s Day at 8 a.m. on ABC 10A, a two-hour Rose Bowl Parade special will be broadcasted.

Written by Riley Kaplan

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