Best business schools in California.

California has some of the finest undergraduate business schools that rank well among all the US schools. So if you’re looking to attend the top business school in the Golden State, this guide will surely help you.

University of California

It is considered as most diverse schools in the United States; the University of Southern California (Marshall School of Business) is located in Los Angeles. It has over 70,000 graduates. The school offers a BBA degree and a World Bachelor in business degree, which allows you to study at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, USC, Universita commercial Luigi Bocconi. The students gain three degrees from three continents with the World Bachelot in business degree. The University also offers 500 student clubs and organizations.

University of California-Berkley

UC-Berkley is known to produce innovative, socially conscious, and confident leaders. The University also offers business programs related to Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Organizational Behavior, and Business Communications. If you have graduated from Haas, then you can begin your career with a $59,000 salary. The school also provides several opportunities for you to connect with alumni and networks to create vital resources for you in the future.

University of San Francisco

The school is famous for operating in the country’s most critical business communication and creates leaders who have a just approach to their business management and strategies.

Ranked as one of the best entrepreneurial universities in America, with diverse undergraduate programs, are also known for their environmentally friendly practices.

The University offers degrees related to Business Administration, a Professional Bachelor’s Degree, and a Bachelor of Science in Management. McLaren graduates can earn up to $92,400 during the mid-career.

Santa Clara University

Founded in 1851, Santa Clara University is famous for its sustainability and community programs. The University also offers its plan to a low-income neighborhood in contribution to Leavey’s Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative. The undergrad students are trained to work through the sustainability and co-creative program and offers eight business majors. The University provides its undergrad students to design their business degree with a multidisciplinary perception. Leavey School of Business prepares leaders whose purpose in life includes scholarship, service, and leadership.

Pepperdine University

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The students of Pepperdine are known to develop skills related to ethics, management, and influence. The University offers three minors and four major programs and is based on Seaver’s liberal arts education. The students are prepared with the BA598 project to become service leaders. The projects reflect the values of its Church of Christ and combine community service with academic study.

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