Beautiful Hiking Trails in California


These days when the ongoing Covid’19 pandemic has kept us all restrained in our homes, traveling or partying is out of the question. California is known as one of the most charming places with spectacular hiking trails just within a few distances. To free yourself from the work from home stress or just getting yourself some open and clean air, you must plan a hike through the most beautiful scenery of California.

Northern California’s Best Hiking Spots

There is no way a nature lover could miss wandering through Northern California’s coastlines and forests without feeling calm and serene. Let’s discuss a few breathtaking hiking trails in this region.

Lands End, San Francisco

Including the beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge, the Lands End hike lies within San Francisco. This hike is approximately three and a half miles, and it makes the hiker experience the cliff tops, shady cypress, and stunning greenery all around. You can make this hike exciting and educational by exploring the historic Sutro Bath ruin or stopping at the Lands End Lookout Visitor Center to get an insight into the area, wildlife, and scenery. Even though many hikers plan to explore this area, the 80000-acre land can still get you enough space in the corner for you to relax and be by yourself.

Rubicon Trail, Lake Tahoe

The awe-inspiring views of Lake Tahoe can not go unnoticed. The 13-mile track can make you experience the ideas of a lifetime with rugged cliffs, caves, breathtaking waterfalls, and the floral aroma of wildflowers. Vikingsholm is another stop that’s unforgettable when hiking through this area because of its Scandinavian-style design.

Cataract Falls Trail, Mount Tamalpais State Park

The Cataract Falls Trail is an hour’s drive from San Francisco with Marin County. During hiking, the hikers will encounter the gushing cool waterfalls surrounded by magnificent wildflowers and forests filled with oaks, firs, and redwoods. The track is not much longer, but the crooked heights can be a little exhausting. However, the trail is perfect for hiking at any time of the year.

South California’s Best Hiking Spots

Apart from the striking Disneyland, Southern California has a lot more to offer. The alluring nature gifted fields are a pleasure for hikers and adventures. Below are some hiking trails situated within the region.

Mount Woodson Trail, San Diego


The Mount Woodson Trail is the most Instagram-worthy nature in California. Situated near Poway at half an hour north of San Diego is a famous and often crowded spot. The Mount is known as the “Potato Chip Hike” for its high peak and geologic formation at the height. This hiking trail sends the hiker on a trip through some splendid scenes of Lake Poway, Palomar Mountain, and nearby places. But these mountains have no shade and no restrooms to accommodate its visitors. 

Mount Baldy, San Gabriel Mountains

This hiking spot is one of the most challenging but also the most extraordinary in the region. The hike is over 4000 feet with an 11-mile trek. The location is open to all for free and is pet friendly. You will be losing your breath on this hike, either from the long ascent walk or the most remarkable views of the Mojave to the Pacific.

Murray Canyon Trail, Palm Springs

The Murray Canyon hiking trail is a getaway from the tiring and worrying life for people residing in or few miles away from Palm Springs. Away from the high temperature of Coachella Valley, this spot allows you to ride your way through 4.7 miles of trails on horseback. The nearby Seven Sisters Waterfall is the source of water for the field.

Written by Riley Kaplan

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