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California is a vast state with plenty of cities and each city being exceptionally good at one thing or another. The main attractions of California are their hiking trails, wineries and vineyards (of course), snorkelling and skiing sites, beautiful islands, coastlines and even some desert. There is so much more to this place that tourists look forward to exploring.

If you are planning on visiting this state anytime soon, we have a detailed review of what you should carry and what you shouldn’t since travelling with plenty of suitcases its always reasonable to pack smart.

Channel the Californian vibe

The Californian style is super cool and laid back. They prefer styling casually and comfortably be it winters or any other season. Pairing your jeans with cardigans and hoodies if you are visiting Bay Area or your denim shorts with a crop top in Los Angeles, can get you through an average day in most of the Californian city depending upon the weather.

Choose a versatile piece of clothing.

Plan out your day and then decide your outfit. Pick out an attire that would go with your itinerary. If you are just going to be wandering the Californian streets, then a plain white tee with jeans would do but if you plan on going a little fancy and sorted out outfit. Always dress smartly and accordingly; for instance, if your plans include vineyard and wines, then you would want to dress up in darker colours that wouldn’t stain if any mishap follows. A slip dress is an ideal outfit to carry around California since when paired with different accessories and clothing items it can go from casual to fancy easily.

What about your feet?

Packing your shoes can get a little tricky if your travelling includes weddings, showers or any formal event. The smartest way to deal with this scenario is styling your clothes with the same pair of heels. A shoe style that shouts casual, as well as fancy, is a flat lace-up sandal. Also carry pairs of trainers, walking boots and sandals to cater to all of your plans.

Accessorize and add details

A hat and sunglasses are obviously some items you need to carry if you are visiting the Californian beaches, however, apart from those focus on packing minimalistic jewellery such as studs, decent bracelets and lockets but nothing to gaudy. When it comes to your handbag, you must keep one that can carry all your travelling essentials such as passport, ticket, makeup etc. A good suggestion is to separate your items in different Ziploc bags to save you the hassle of any spill.

Pack for your children

If children are accompanying you on this trip, then you need to be a little wiser about what you pack and how you pack it. When packing for children, keep clothing and other items that can be worn more than once, like shorts, leggings and plain tees. Items that can work when you mix and match them with different pieces of clothing. When it comes to their footwear, keep sandals or slippers if you’ll be spending most of your time at the beach or a pair of trainers for other times.

Shop on arrival

If you feel like you have packed a little too much, think about all those items that you can shop for in California when you land. Drop those items for now and purchase them once you reach your destination.

Now that you have all that you are set to catch that flight and enjoy the state of California to the fullest.

Written by Riley Kaplan

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