California Islands, you must visit.

With the tedious and busy work schedules and life taking out time for yourself and your loved ones seems like an impossible task. However, if you have decided to put your chaotic life on hold for a day and just relax and enjoy, we have just the place for you. Only on the outskirts of California’s coastlines, various small islands are there to give you an experience of your lifetime. Most people are not well familiarized with these off the shore islands and how they are just a few miles away from the big Californian cities. If you are looking for a quick getaway or a mini-vacation by yourself or with your loved ones, then there won’t be a better option. Here we have discussed 5 Californian Island you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

California Island you should visit today.

Catalina Island

To get to the mesmerizing Catalina island, you need to ride a ferry, helicopter, private plan and private boat. It has a harbour and homes designed in Grecian style to give off the European vibe to the visitors. The place is relatively not talked about or visited enough as it should be for what it offers. The place has something for everyone; for instance, an adventurous soul can sign up for a ziplining, snorkelling or even a dolphin excursion. While for peace-loving fellows, there are relaxation spots and fine dining with not much disturbance. Only limited individuals are allowed vehicles on the island; most of the visitors are preferred to walk or take a golf cart to travel.

Woodley Island

Situated at a few miles drive from Eureka or a small boat ride to the marina, the Woodley Island is free and open to all. Humboats is a dockside rental place, the only rental place there that lets provides canoe, kayaks and paddleboards on rent for the visitors to explore the island and enjoy to the fullest. This location is a dream place for birdwatchers due to the excessive amount of birds that have made this island their home.

Angel Island

Angel Island is apparently the largest island in San Francisco Bay that offers historical plots and fun activities. You can get to Angel Island by taking a ferry, private boat or kayak from Downtown Tiburon. There are camping arrangements available that do not cost much for a night. There are hiking and biking trails, and beaches to cater to all your desires on vacation. However, the place has limited campsites and whoever comes first get those, so remember to plan your trip.


The Coronado island is a semi-island that connects to San Diego by a strip of land that can be reached by car or a ferry from downtown. The most famous, iconic and beautiful hotel, The Hotel de Coronado built-in 1888 is built there which adds to the island’s beauty. While you are at this amazing resort-like island, you can experience kayaking, snorkelling or catch a movie at the Village Theatre with your friends or family.

Written by Riley Kaplan

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