Top Tech Companies in California to work.


Post mates is a company that has made delivery or pickup of groceries, drinks or merchandise accessible. For its merchant growth, courier earnings and sales, Post Mate has invested $6.6 billion for its economic activity. The company has made it easier to save your time with its innovative idea. The employees of this firm are also working together to build an innovative future together.

The company is trusted globally and values individuals who bring in creative solutions and collaborations. The organization promotes out of the box thinking, challenges and growth mindset that is beneficial to maintain reliability and trust for the company.


Apple is a US based multinational company, well known around the world for designing and manufacturing computer software, consumer electronics, and electronic services. The headquarters of Apple is located at Cupertino, California. The company has a diverse staff including 132,000 employees, out of which 45.3% are minorities and 36.5% female. However, the staff tenure lasts for 2 years mostly, and an Apple employ can make up to $103,599 per year. The competitors of Apple including Google, Facebook and Microsoft pay higher wages comparatively.

Apple is considered as one of the big four companies including Google, Facebook, and Amazon. The mission of this company is to develop high quality technology, low cost and easy to use for non-computer expert as well. Apple earns a revenue of $265.6 billion a year.


Located in Redwood City, California, Equinix is a US based multinational company that provides services related to data centers and internet connection.

The staff at Equinix mostly has a diverse background, with 53.1% minorities and 29.3% female. The turnover rate of this company is high as an average employee stays up to 1.9 years. The pay at Equinix is comparatively lower than its competitors like Google, VMware and Riverbed Technology, as an employee makes up to 103,870 per year. The company makes a revenue of $1.5 billion with 7,903 employees.


Google is a multinational company based in Mountain View, California, that is recognized around the world for its services and products like search engine, advertising technologies, software, cloud computing and hardware. It is also considered as one of the big four tech companies among Facebook, Amazon and Apple.

The staff at google also belong to variety of backgrounds and has 50.3% ethnic minorities and 35.4% female. The average tenure of an employee at Google is 1.4 year and makes $127,289 annually which is better and competitive. Google has 98,711 employees and generates a revenue of $39.9 billion.


Adobe is a company who’s services are used all around the world which includes multimedia and creativity software, along with digital marketing software. The headquarter of the company is located in San Jose, California. Adobe has employees from diversified background including 46.2% minorities and 41% female. The annual pay rate for an adobe employee is $120,224, and the average tenure rate is 2.8 years. Adobe is considered as the industry leader that provides career opportunities, inspiring work environment, generous time off, vision insurance, dental, medical, wellness programs, employee discounts, educational reimbursements and a lot more. The company generates a revenue of $9 billion annually and has a work force of 21,428 employees.

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