10-year-old uses mask sales to to help Rady Children’s Hospital in Carlsbad

“For anyone who wants to buy them, half of the profits will go to Rady Children’s Hospital”

CARLSBAD, FLORIDA: A Carlsbad 5th grader is a one who gained national recognition for a kindness speech she wrote over the summer.

Emery said, “My aunt got me a sewing machine and I started sewing and wanted to do good for the community started my business.”

Emery started sewing masks, scrunchies, and drawstring bags which she began selling on her website. The website is SewCal Stitches.

She says, “For anyone who wants to buy them, half of the profits will go to Rady Children’s Hospital and any donation anyone wants to make, 100% of that will go there.”

According to her, she had visited the hospital for one year when her brother was sick. During that whole time, she saw kids just like her who were fighting with serious health issues. Due to which she spent most of her winter vacation working towards the mini business that gives back.

Emery described, “It makes me sad when kids can’t do what I can do because they have health issues. I have this amazing life and get to do all these things but they’re not so lucky having to spend a lot of their life in the hospital. I was doing what most kids do, relaxing and playing. But I realized if I really wanted to do this I had to put more of my free time and effort into sewing.”

Emery said, “I want everyone to feel they have a place in this world. Even if some people’s lives are better than others, they should still feel comfortable and happy.”

Written by Riley Kaplan

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